Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Mon-sieur BOME Halloween-Chan

As I've collected more figures, I decided I just have too many. They really do take up a lot of space. Some of my figures just have to go. Before they do, I decided to do a photo shoot!
After the Blue Oni-Musume, Halloween-Chan was the next Bome figure I purchased.
This is one of the figures I don't have room for but wasn't sure if I should actually sell her!

I instantly fell in love with Halloween-Chan. Not only was she super cute and anime styled, I love halloween! It's just so much fun.

Halloween-Chan is able to detach from her base, so I was able to take some fun photos with her.

She has loads of details. Her costume is a shiny purple, and has lots of straps/detail.

She holds this adorable little pumpkin, with a cute little face on it. She has plenty of detailed hair, and her pigtails are even tied with a clear plastic 'bead' at the ends!

I like that they made her look like a devil, with wings, tail and horns! The tail wraps around her body nicely, and adds some dimension to the figure.

Even though in this pose, you can't often see her feet, her shoes have little bats on the top (to match her bra.) Cute!

Her pitch fork is nice too, although I think it would have looked cooler being held in a different position? Nice though!

I love that when she's attached to her base, her pose makes her look like shes floating above her magic mark on the ground. All of the elements of this figure work so well together! The packaging she came in when I bought her matched her perfectly too. I didn't really think to keep the packaging though, I wish I had. I was young though, and she wasn't in a box, it was a plastic case. Being in that case was a shame though, because it's not easy to get stuff out of those things. Boxes are nicer to keep.

Typical anime eyes, blush marks and anime mouth! I wish I could have a figure like this now, but without quite so much anime influence. I still like anime but as I get older I seem to be moving away from it.

 I wish I could find or was able to see the original art work this figure was based on!

I really love this figure, but it's time to move on! 
Next flash back will be the Bome figure 'Kirasaki Sai!'

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